[SOLVED] What best choice for domain name/ssl and why ?

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[SOLVED] What best choice for domain name/ssl and why ?

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Hi !

I am thinking about getting a domain name and ssl for my DietPi which is running Nextcloud. But I have some questions. From the softwares page on dietpi.com I can see about Certbot : 
- A working Apache2 or Lighttpd webserver
- A URL/domain (eg: mysite.com). NoIp is recommended for a URL/domain that points to your device. Free NoIp accounts do not work with Letsencrypt, you must own a domain name and use NoIp Premium features
- Ports 80 and 443 (TCP) must be forwarded to your device, from your router."
And so my natural first question is why NoIP is recommended ? Why not GoDaddy or any other domain registrar ? Then what is exactly the "NoIP Premium features" ???

From the noip.com webpage I can find that regarding the term "premium" : https://www.noip.com/ssl-certificates where there is one called "Geotrust Premium" (sounds like bling bling it's premium 8-) !!) priced at 130$. Is that what the previously mentioned "...and use NoIp Premium features" is ??
Also from the NoIp website again I found "managed DNS Plus" which specify it supports SSL upgrades. Does it means if I want to go to ssl solution then I have to have this "Managed Plus" thing in addition to geotrust premium in addition to the domain name registration ?

Sorry it may be dumb questions but if I have already had a simple personal domain name in the past I never went into this type of details and it's the first time I use noip. So I am globally unsure of what I am looking to. Would greatly appreciate your point of view and help on that :)

P.S : 
I am assuming once I have the domain name with what it needs to support ssl it's just a matter of running "certbot" from Dietpi-software, typing the url and validating we want to use ssl on it. Right ? And then I am assuming I have nothing else "complicated" to do to make Nextcloud use the "https" right ?? :roll: yeah... I know... I assume a lot.
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Re: What best choice for domain name/ssl and why ?

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Ok, so you need 2 things (if you go for NoIp):
  • Domain name: doesn't matter if you purchase it from Godaddy or uk2 etc
  • NoIP Plus Managed DNS: This package allows you to use the domain name you purchased above, with NoIp

Once you have those setup, all you need to do is: Once thats setup, now you can run Cerbot/Letsencrypt to setup SSL.

I originally used this combo for the DietPi website a while back, which ran from a XU4 in my house.
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Re: [SOLVED] What best choice for domain name/ssl and why ?

Post by sinok »

Thanks a lot for the clear answer :-)
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