PXE boot (iVentoy) with Adguard Home (DHCP) and Unbound problem

Hello, I have installed DietPi with Adguard and Unbound on my Raspi 3B+. During the installation DietPi did the configuration itself.

In my network I also have a small Unraid server on which iVentoy is running in a Linux VM and from which I have always been able to boot ISOs via PXE without any problems. Unfortunately, this no longer works since I configured Adguard Home as a DHCP server and set the DHCP setting in iVentoy to external.

After a short research I found out that this is a known problem which can be solved with the help of dnsmasq. However, this is where another problem starts for me, as I can’t get dnsmasq to work due to a port conflict. I have to say that I am more of a beginner when it comes to such things.

I know that once dnsmaq is running, I need to create a config with the following entries (the is my iVentoy IP):


These entries should restore the function of iVentoy. Can anyone help me with my problem? I think that the port settings of dnsmasq have to be adjusted during installation, which I can’t do on my own. Maybe someone has another solution for this problem.

Simply use PiHole instead of AGH because PiHole is based on dnsmaq. This will give way more flexibility on your DNCP server configuration.

I don’t really want to take this step and prefer AGH, as I’ve been using it for a very long time. It’s simply the force of habit.

feel free to check with AGH developer how to enable possibility for PXE boot support or how to manage to have dnsmaqd running in parallel.

I just wanted to report that I have found a satisfactory solution for myself. After I could not get the AGH DHCP server to make the options configured in AdGuardHome.yaml usable for PXE boot, I started looking for a DHCP server that could be configured via a web interface and gave me an overview of all clients and leases, as known from the router, AGH or Pi Hole, for example.

While searching, I first came across Kea DHCP with Stork (Kea DHCP server is the continuation of the ISC DHCP server whose further development was discontinued by ISC in 2022). Stork is the web interface of the Kea DHCP server, which, in my opinion, is far too complicated to set up.

My further journey then led via the configuration of AGH with Unbound to OpenWRT, which also worked, but I didn’t like it because I wanted to stay with DietPi.

Finally, I stumbled across Webmin, which offered a graphical module for the ISC DHCP server, which, as already mentioned, has not been further developed since 2022, but still absolutely meets my requirements.

So now I have DNS and DHCP on one device, with which PXE boot is also possible.

Now I would like to know if anyone has already configured the AGH/Unbound or PiHole/Unbound combination of Dietpi with redis cache db and wanted to ask whether this could also be an option for dietpi software.

I don’t want to discuss whether it makes sense or not. I have only read that it brings a noticeable improvement in performance and would like to give it a try. Unfortunately, I have also read that some functions (cache db) of Unbound are not included in the standard version and that you have to completely uninstall Unbound and build and install it from source.

That sounds a bit complicated for me as a noob.

This is what you are looking for? pihole-FTL + unbound with Cache DB Module Options (Redis) - Customizing Pi-hole - Pi-hole Userspace

Basically yes, and I’ve already stumbled across this thread, but unfortunately this information is already a few years old and I think something has changed in the meantime.

I also found instructions on github and tried to implement them, but I didn’t succeed, as I was repeatedly confronted with error messages and missing packages, so that at some point nothing worked anymore and I was happy to be able to restore the old state.

As I said, I’m more of a noob.

at least the last post on that topic seems to contain some useful information.

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Thank you. I have just found another SD card and since I now have two Raspberry Pi (3b+ and 5) with the identical setup as DNS and DHCP server in use, I will start another attempt with the 3b+ later this evening.

Of course, it would be nice if the dietpi software configuration of AGH and Unbound could be easily extended with redis, but that would be too easy :grinning:

that mean someone would need to create an Unbound version supporting it :wink: Add latest Unbound to DietPi APT Repository · MichaIng/DietPi · Discussion #7019 · GitHub

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If I understood exactly what I had to do, I would immediately get to work and create the script.