How to solve Transmission or Delugeaccess denied access to external HD?

I installed dietpi again on my odroid c2 and when installing transmission and deluge I got the same permission denied error, what should I do?

You need to share way more information on your system, connect HDD, mount point used and file system format on your HDD. As well it would be helpful to share at least an error message.

ntfs is not really supporting Linux file system permission. Therefore, it is quite logic to have permission issues. Did you require ntfs on your HDD? Otherwise I would recommend to use ext4

I followed your guidance, changed it to ext4, now when accessing the transmission the available space appears, but the same error, are the permissions wrong?

can you share following?

ls -la /mnt/hdd

Btw: if possible try to avoid doing screen prints. You can copy most of the information from SSH Terminal directly.

Anyway, the permission issue seems to be on a folder below /mnt/hdd. You would need to check the exact folder as stated on the error message.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help and attention.

I managed to solve the problem, I followed another post that detailed the necessary permissions, I think it was reversing the group order.