New Turingpi RK1

It would be great if DietPi runs on a RK1 from Touring pi. It seems to be the same Chip as the 5b from Radxa, but my first test doesn’t work and I think the CPU is not the only thing what needs a driver.
Is there a probability that this version comes?

We don’t have the possibility to add support for each and every device, especially if they are not that common.

I searched for a plain Debian image for the board and it seems that there ia nothing available beside Ubuntu.
Otherwise you could convert a Debian to DietPi via this description: Supported hardware - Docs

OK, that’s what I thought, but because the RK1 and the Touringpi look to me like more common as some other (especially future looking) I hoped that it could be in planning.
For the Convention from a Debian, is this also possible with Ubuntu-server?

simple answer: No