Pi 4 +cassandra

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Pi 4 +cassandra

Post by _Rikz_ »

Hi Folks,

What is your thoughts on running the nosql database Cassandra on a PI4
I have it running on PI3, but everytime it boots (cassandra) I see a line come by saying something like Cassandra runs better on 64 bit.

It seems to run just fine on PI3, but I am only one user, and not tested with like 100 internet users at same time lol.

Anyway, love to hear your imput. Im not super technical, just got a website running using RoR & Cassandra in test environment at home. First time I actually got a website to talk to a database and back. So already very happy about that :)


Rikz 8)
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Re: Pi 4 +cassandra

Post by MichaIng »

I don't know anything about Cassandra, but probably it is optimised for multi-threading and 64bit. RPi images are all 32bit since they are based on Raspbian which is 32bit only, even that the RPi2 (PBC v1.2), RPi3 and RPi4 actually have 64bit-capable CPUs.

There is a Raspbian 64bit in development. Not sure how long it takes, but we aim to work on 64bit RPi images as fast as this Raspbian version + firmware etc has been officially released.
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