Steam Caching Proxy

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Steam Caching Proxy

Post by Darron »

Obviously you'd need a large HDD either connected directly or a network mount... but it could be very useful.
The only tutorial I've seen are for docker and ubunto LTS, I assume that it's still all run from the command line and DietPi is debian so it should be ok. ... -tutorial/ ... dth-blues/

Where it all gets hard (for me at least being a linux noob) is setting up the ports, especially as I'm running Pi-Hole, RPI Monitor and FreshRSS.
It also seems to create a series of new IP address':

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sudo docker run \
  --restart unless-stopped -d \
  --name steamcache-dns \
  -p \
Now that really confuses me.
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Re: Steam Caching Proxy

Post by MichaIng »

If you use Pi-hole, then the upstream DNS should be or the LAN IP of the device (not sure how Docker handles internally).
The other IPs seem to be from Docker, which always creates an internal network to connect with the containers.
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Re: Steam Caching Proxy

Post by WarHawk »

That's pretty cool but would USE TONS of harddrive space
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