Anyone interested in ADS-B radar? Topic is solved

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Anyone interested in ADS-B radar?

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From 1 year using DietPi on a raspberry pi 3 for an ADS-B radar ( ... _broadcast) coupled with a DVB-T Tuner Dongles ( and 1090Mhz antenna (also DIY).
In particular use The ADS-B Receiver Project ( to a great project, with automated installation, web portal with statistics and blogs.

Very simple installation:

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git clone
cd ~ / adsb-receiver
chmod + x
The installation process is graphical debinan like!

I think the project can be integrated into the DietPi.

The following software can be installed using these scripts:
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Re: Anyone interested in ADS-B radar?

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OH WOW!!!!

Very awesome...would LOVE to see more HAM programs for the OrangePI, especially with those cheap RTL-SDR's

Great writeup! Thanks
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Re: Anyone interested in ADS-B radar?

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This is the right Script.. because the other do not this job.. Greetings from Germany !!! Please More SDR Scripts/ Tools inside Diet!!!!

Manual installations...
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd ~/adsb-receiver
chmod +x
Updating existing installations...
Your local repository will be updated each time is executed.

cd ~/adsb-receiver
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