Help with booting problem Rpi4 and Ssd

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Re: Help with booting problem Rpi4 and Ssd

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MichaIng wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 5:16 pm
Thanks for sharing. For now I can't see a difference between the methods the script uses and dietpi-drive_manager uses. Will run some tests and check more closely :?.
Your welcome 8)

Tell use the resluit off the tests please :D

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Re: Help with booting problem Rpi4 and Ssd

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I have an idea, after reviewing usb-boot and our script/method!
Since you formated the one partition only instead of the whole drive, which partition table did it have? I am not sure if GPT partition table is supported by the RPi4 bootloader. With RPi3 it seems to be [EDIT: NOT!] possible: ... p?t=205418

The usb-boot script clears and recreates the partition table for the whole drive with fdisk, hence it will be MBR by default. When using dietpi-drive_manager to be failsafe, select Format Mode: Drive and Partition Type: MBR. The RPi4 comes with a vast bootloader rewrite (now stored on an internal EEPROM), hence even that it is newer, but possibly it still lacks this features. Futher investigation required if a fresh MBR partition table fails as well.

Okay it seems to need to add this info to our script + set default entries accordingly:
- Format Mode: Drive
- Partition Type: MBR
- Filesystem Type: ext4 or f2fs

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