Run-Your-Own Firefox Sync Server

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Run-Your-Own Firefox Sync Server

Post by mike175de »

Hey there,

maybe this is another piece of software that would fit into the DietPi concept.

The Firefox Sync Server is the self-hosted equivalent of e.g. the Bookmark-Server of Mozilla.

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This is an all-in-one package for running a self-hosted Firefox Sync server. It bundles the "tokenserver" project for authentication and the "syncstorage" project for storage, produce a single stand-alone webapp.
I'd like to host all my data by myself. Perhaps this is another option for DietPi ;)

CU, mike175de
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Re: Run-Your-Own Firefox Sync Server

Post by molnart »

seconded, having ff sync server would be great
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Re: Run-Your-Own Firefox Sync Server

Post by Fourdee »

Hi guys,

Thanks for the interest, i'll make a note on ticket:
If you find our project or support useful, then we’d really appreciate it if you’d consider contributing to the project however you can.
Donating is the easiest – you can use PayPal or become a DietPi patron.
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