Using Deluge for Thin Clients

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Re: Using Deluge for Thin Clients

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hungryguy wrote:Hi again.

Well googling this website: ... rrent-box/ and following that
I have managed to gain access to deluge via user:admin and pass:raspberry .
However I now still cannot connect to my USD HDD to save the files. Dietpi setup these folders on the USB HDD automatically so how /what do I need to do to get deluge to recognise themand use them for downloading?
Hi Hungryguy,

Ideally, if you can, i would recommend writing a fresh DietPi image. I've just done this my end, everything works, and its automatically setup to use my external HDD.

Alternatively, you should be able to change the download location from the Deluge web interface:
- Click preferences
- Click downloads
- use /mnt/usb_1/downloads as the location
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