Halt not reboot

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Halt not reboot

Post by zaurux »

When i try this command "shutdown - r now". My Allo USBridge under dietpi 6.21 stop immediately but no more reboot !! :roll:
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Re: Halt not reboot

Post by WarHawk »

shutdown -h now shutsdown and halts the system
-r = reboot

If you want to do a full reboot try just reboot then

Are you wanting to reboot the system correct?
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Re: Halt not reboot

Post by MichaIng »

Yeah reboot is what I use as well.

I remember some shutdown -r/-h command options require systemd-logind or dbus or something to work, which we disable by default. Can't remember anymore. Perhaps the options are ignored without the above, so simply shutdown now is performed?

Just checked on a Buster VM:
root@VM-Buster:~# shutdown -h
Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory

But indeed it did shutdown.
shutdown -r now worked as well.

Testing on Stetch VM:
root@VM-Stretch:~# shutdown -r
Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory
root@VM-Stretch:~# shutdown -r now

The first fails with this error, the second works.

So I guess the timer (1 minute by default) of the shutdown commands requires dbus, but with now all works fine here :?.
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