IR remote with lirc

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IR remote with lirc

Post by Dr_U »

I would like very much to use DietPi as a lightweight internet radio, headless.
mdp is running, starting with the playlist, on the volume last used, everything is fine and simple.
The IQaudio amp works smoothly.

But, sorry for that, I am struggling with adding my IR remote.

It is an Odroid one, which I am using with lircd.conf and lircrc on another distro.
There it works like a charm. This means both of these files are tested and good to go.

How and where can I drop these files or the content of them into DietPi?

Any help is appreciated.
I tried, but without any success. (SSH, nano, mv etc. etc.)

To activate the JustBoom remote via
dietpi-config // 1 Display Options // 11 Justboom IR remote
did not give me a proper hint to substitute the JB settings with mine.


PS: I know, never change ...
But the old distro does not work on RB 3, which I need for Wifi.
It is not a mindless change, it is evolution. Hopefully.
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