New UDOO boards

I’ll just leave this right here for your viewing pleasure…


Seem a bit expensive for the CPU/RAM capabilities :S

Ah, i see, comes with Integrated Sensors and wifi:
3-Axis Accelerometer - 3-Axis Magnetometer - 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope - 1x Sensor Snap-In I2C connector

Interesting, looks like its mainly targeted for engineers :slight_smile:

Robots and missiles then lol :slight_smile:

it’s like a Raspberry Pi and a Arduino Due on a single chip

I have a few Udoo Uno boards. Will they ever be in the supported list/downloads?

I assume you meant the Neo board.

I think, there will be no support from DietPi possible:
There is no Debian image available (I habe only seen Ubuntu). Additionally, the Neo board is discontinued.

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