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Generating Image from Source

Post by borrisl »

I'm new, and looking for some guidance. I'd like to generate my own image from souce. I've looked at the github repository and studied the and am a little confused as to the how part.

Do I use a chroot?
I'm assuming a cross compile, what compiler do I use?

Just looking for some basic steps to get this done.
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Re: Generating Image from Source

Post by Fourdee »


Before you can prep an image for DietPi and run those commands, you'll need a Debian minimal image.

For the most part, we use official images (eg: Raspbian Lite). For the OPi/NanoPi boards, we mostly use ARMbian build tools to generate the initial image:

Once you have an image, and running on the target board, you can then go through, to prep system for DietPi. Once done, read image, resize 2nd partition (+50MB of min), done :)
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