BPi M2+ Home Assistant and OV5640 camera

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BPi M2+ Home Assistant and OV5640 camera

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by seeing that DietPi has the interesting tools I need we also need to have answer to those questions :
1) on my Banana Pi M2+ that support OV5640 camera does your RPi Camera tools support it ?
I mainly need to be able to use it for Motion (program to survey with motion detection) and OpenCV

2) we also need to have the light python Home Assistant (Home automation software) : https://home-assistant.io/docs/installation/
Simple way showned here with Armbian : https://home-assistant.io/docs/installation/armbian/
Demo here : https://home-assistant.io/demo/
Home Assistant contains an embedded MQTT broker that will then allow us to communicate with IoT (ESP8266, Arduino, ...) : https://home-assistant.io/docs/mqtt/bro ... ded-broker

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day :D

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