[OUTDATED](Step by Step Guide) DietPi - Owncloud

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[OUTDATED](Step by Step Guide) DietPi - Owncloud

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OUTDATED: This guide is outdated. ownCloud installation is now fully automated. After DietPi-Software finished (after step 3), you can directly log into the web UI with pre-installed admin account. Read for further info: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5#p47
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DietPi - Owncloud (Step by Step Guide)
Convert your Pi into a cloud based backup/data storage system (eg: Dropbox) with Owncloud.
What you'll need:[/color]
- Raspberry Pi / oDroid C1.
- 1GB or greater Micro SD card.
- USB hard drive or USB memory stick is highly recommended.

Step 1:
Complete the following guide to Download the DietPi Image,write to SD card and login

Step 2:
DietPi software Selection
- Select the DietPi Optimized Software option, press enter.
- The "DietPi Software Selection Screen" will now appear. Use the space bar to select Owncloud.
- Press Enter to confirm the selected software

Step 3:
Begin DietPi software installation
- Navigate the Menu to Go Start Install and press Enter.
- Select Start Install to confirm the installation.
DietPi will now start the installation for Owncloud and its webserver requirements.

Step 4:
Setup Owncloud
Open the web interface:
url =

The first time you connect:
- Create your Admin account, type in a username and password.
- Click Storage & Database or Advanced to expand the submenu.
- Database type = MySQL
- DataFolder = /var/lib/owncloud/data
- Database User = root
- Database Password = dietpi
- Database Name = owncloud
- Click Finish setup to complete the Owncloud setup.
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