Replace all ftp clients with pure-ftpd

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Replace all ftp clients with pure-ftpd

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Please considering replacing both the current ftp clients we have in dietpi-software with this one:

It is a clearly better alternative than both the unsecure ftp clients that are offered with dietpi. It's also available in dozens of different languages and it has a tiny memory and cpu footprint.

Even openssh-sftp would be a better idea than what we currently have. It's disappointing that dietpi doesn't come with a secure ftp option OOTB. ... _with_SFTP

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Re: Replace all ftp clients with pure-ftpd

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if you switch SSH client from Dropbear to OpenSSH (within DietPi Software Catalog), you will have an OOTB SFTP Server running.
Pls let us know if a solution is working. This could help others if they hit by similar situation. Your DietPi Team

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Re: Replace all ftp clients with pure-ftpd

Post by cocoflan »

Yes looks good that program!

Perhaps openssh would be a better standard for dietpi, dropbear doesn't support 2FA also.


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Re: Replace all ftp clients with pure-ftpd

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I'm thinking of removing all FTP clients together. FTP is simply not secure/unencrypted, hence only thinkable in secured home networks. And there NFS/Samba are definitely the better solution. For all file transfer throughout www, VPNs and/or SFTP/SCP is the only reasonable solution IMO.

There is even a possibility to add SFTP mounts via sshfs:

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