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How do we switch desktops?

Post by aunlead »

I thought this would be straightforward, but been struggling with this - I've installed both Mate and XFCE and want to switch between them. How do I go about doing that? Even went as far as uninstalling XFCE but just cannot boot into Mate.
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Re: How do we switch desktops?

Post by Fourdee »

Going from: ... -change-it

You can specify which binary (desktop) you wish to run from terminal:

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startx /usr/bin/startkde
So mate is gnome, should be (not tested):

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startx /usr/bin/gnome
Maybe XFCE is (again, not tested, you might need to search for the binary):

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startx /usr/bin/xfce #or xfce4
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