VPN providers for DietPi

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Re: VPN providers for DietPi

Post by hknoisyboy »

Reading out some best vpn service providers here https://rivipedia.com/best-vpn-service-providers/
Which you is the best ???

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Re: VPN providers for DietPi

Post by aftensleuk »

Personally I'd never use any other VPN-provider than Mullvad. They don't require any information whatsoever from you. They actually prefer if you pay them cash. You can pay with Bitcoin too (though Bitcoin can be traced back to you). You're free to pay with credit card and other common payment methods too; your payment won't be traceable to your specific account anyway.

Speeds are great. They donate a lot of their income to Wireguard developers and other companies associated with freedom of speech.

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Re: VPN providers for DietPi

Post by brucelee »

I also use Nordvpn. After half a year of use, I think Nordvpn is indeed the best VPN, based in Panama, with strict zero-logging strategy, powerful encryption, distributed global and fast servers, excellent client and flow. media support. And the price of Nordvpn is also very favorable, the price is as low as 2.99 US dollars per month.

Nordvpn is recommended. ExpressVPN is also good, but the price of expressvpn is relatively expensive.

Surfshark is also great, the price is cheaper than Nordvpn, $1.99 per month.

You can choose one of Nordvpn, Expressvpn, and surfshark. Very good.

Hope it helps you.
Finding the best VPN to keep you safe online is important: https://www.topvpnguides.com/

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Re: VPN providers for DietPi

Post by ghettopi »

Guys fun fact. Every single one of these "pro" NordVPN posts are bots or paid advertisers of NordVPN.

I recommend: https://www.thatoneprivacysite.net/

It has a comparison of hundreds of VPN services. Pick and choose what suits your needs and be wary of shill posts and astroturfing. If you see low post counts but people advertising a service, it's definitely a bot or an advertiser.

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Re: VPN providers for DietPi

Post by MichaIng »

Not every single one, but in case of rosemartine I agree, at least about being a NordVPN advertiser, although at least transparent from the profile "Interests: Digital Marketing".

Sorry @rosemartine, we removed other users for the same reason. Even that we promote NordVPN ourselves in this forum, we do not accept bots or advertisers registering for advertising reasons only.

We really need to write some terms of use about this topic, where we can base our actions on :?.

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Re: VPN providers for DietPi

Post by mikebrian1 »

Don't know which VPN works well for DietPi but I recently subscribed Fastest VPN and configure at the router to secure our IP, data security & privacy. There're many VPNs providers in the market and almost all the service providers claiming that their product is best for all-purpose. let see the Fastest VPN works for DietPi or not.

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Re: VPN providers for DietPi

Post by melaniestaines »

I would like to build the RPiVPN but I have a hard time believing that an RPi is going to handle that much traffic.

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