Manual pages

I like dietpi and the clean filesystem it provides. Much better to start from a base system and add what is needed than a bloated one and try to remove what is not needed.

On a minimal install of dietpi I noticed there are no man pages. I installed man-db and manpages which brought in some of the manages. I noticed that a lot of the core commands as contained in coreutils had no manpages which would be expected. A check of the package with dpkg shows coreutils installed and the manpages listed as part of the package. I can reinstall the missing files for coreutils easily enough. Other packages have similarly missing man pages. I suppose I could work out a list of the packages that contain manpages that would be helpful and script an install of these.

It made me wonder if there was a package for dietpi to install or restore the missing manpages. Does any such package or script to install manpages exist before I start work on it?

Hi Tucker,

When we finalise the DietPi images, the following locations are cleared:


We do this for a few reasons:

As DietPi uses apt, any new software you install will also download the manpages into /usr/share/man.

I figured that is what was happening. When I install new software packages that have manpages they do indeed reappear.

It is easy enough to reinstall those I wanted to put back. Might even work out a script to automate that for key packages such as coreutils.

Online documentation is fine. It is just handy now and then when logged in via ssh to be able to check an option or command and man is excellent for that - concise and easily accessible.

When you clear /usr/share/man do you archive it anywhere that it could be made available online? Just a thought …

I fully agree with the reasons why you remove it and love the dietpi approach - lower filesystem usage and less bloat. I find raspbian is great but is full of all sorts of stuff I don’t need or want. I like a minimal system that is functional and can be easily expanded.

Hi tucker,

As you mentioned, DietPi is designed to be as minimal as possible.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the /usr/share/man pages, however, when I come to release DietPi for another system, i’ll try to zip those up for you.

I generally find using:

aProgramName --help

provides enough information on the programs command line options. However, i’ve never had the need to use the man pages before, so I cant compare the difference.

Some of us consider manpages essential. But try installing man-db last, it seems to scan what’s installed. And normally when you install something later the manpages get inistalled. So manpages then man-db.