Iam unable to make navidrome scan my external ssd

Hello , I am using RPI4 2gb ram using dietpi , I have connected external ssd through usb to sata adapter .

I cannot get navidrome to scan the music file in the ssd , here how I set this up :


you can see in the first picture ssd information

second picture using dietpi file explorer I was able to navigate to the specific file (streamripdownloads)

so my music path should be like this ? : /mnt/900C3652/Streamripdownloads

now navidrome :

3rd picture Dietpi-services > navidrome > edit

4th picture using Environment Variable in /etc/systemd/system/navidrome.service.d/dietpi-services_edit.conf

5th picture showing navidrome enviroment available options

what did I make wrong ? this is my first server , and I appreciate all the help .

I guess you like to adjust Navidrome to use your own music folder instead of our default? If yes, you need to adjust configuration file /mnt/dietpi_userdata/navidrome/navidrome.toml instead of service file.

thank you so much it worked .
one more question how can I make navidrome start with boot and how to make it run all the time not only 24h

usually, Navidrome application should not stop working after 24h. Or do you mean something different?

nvm , I was able to make the server run flawlessly thanks to you , I have couple more questions , since I am using external hard drive plugged into my pi and contains some music files to run on navidrome , now I have my main pc connected to the same network that connected to the pi , and if I want to add some new music I don’t want to unplug the hard drive and replug it to my pc , then back to the pi again and again , is there any service allow me to transfer music from my main pc to the hard drive connected the the pi ?

and I am using some rgb heatsink to cool the pi , is there any way to disable rgb inside dietpi settings ?

Thank you in advance …

Of course, there are ways to exchange data. You can use various options such as SCP, FTP, SAMBA or NFS. Just take a look at our online documents to get a small overview. File Servers Options - DietPi.com Docs

You mean to deactivate the RGB colours of the heat sink? No, we don’t have such an option.

Does syncthing works too or it has different purpose?

and can I controll fan speed at least ?

And one mors last thing can makn script to run weekly, or monthly to install updates and upgrades ?

purpose of Syncthing is to keep directories between different systems in sync. Usually, it is not used to move files from A to B.

Depends on your fan and if the manufacture of this fan is providing scripts to do so.

we have an own functionality if you looking for a possibility to update apt packages

how I achieve that ?

There are options your can activate inside /boot/dietpi.txt

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