Network state filling up terminal

Hi! So currently my terminal is filling with:
docker0 port 4(XXXX) entered suspended state
eth0 XXX entered blocking state
“” “” renamed from
“” “” entered disabled state
“” “” entered enabled state
and similar statuses. Basically network connection states are printing in the terminal. I had this issue once before and found a setting to change to fix this but I cannot remember or find that solution again. Does anyone happen to know hot to turn this off?


Did you ever manage to fix this issue? I am getting the same and it is quite annoying.

dmesg -n 3

This will reduce verbosity of kernel logs to console. Let’s see whether this is sufficiently already to mute the Docker network messages. Otherwise you can reduce it down to 1.

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Ty so much. That was it

I just checked back, and on our server, these network adapter state change messages are severity “info”, which should not be printed to console with dmesg -n 7 while dmesg -n 4 should be the default :thinking:. Which SBC/hardware do you use?

EDIT: Ah nope, default is dmesg -n 7 since we removed the quiet flag from cmdline a while ago. This is the reason…

This can be tried to reduce console log verbosity, but leaving boot-time logs untouched:

echo 'kernel.printk = 5 4 1 7' > /etc/sysctl.d/99-printk.conf

The installation with this problem is a dietpi vm running on proxmox/intel

Jep, was a false assumption by me regarding the default console log verbosity. Since dmesg -n X is not boot persistent, the above sysctl config should do.

This should solve it: v8.12 · MichaIng/DietPi@328c3bd · GitHub