XU4 - Cloudshell LCD with xorg Topic is solved

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Re: XU4 - Cloudshell LCD with xorg

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rlamans wrote:Upgrade to v137 prevents this dual head process from functioning properly?!?!
Everytime DietPi updates, all DietPi scripts are overwritten with the latest versions. So in this case, you'd need to overwrite dietpi-cloudshell with the script posted in this thread.

If that still fails, we have a major change to DietPi-Cloudshell service comming in v140, which fixes some issues with failing to start. This may also require additional changes to make dual head combination functional.
If you created a backup with dietpi-backup, once everything was setup for dual head, you can simply restore to your previous working dual head setup.

If noone has been able to find a "solution" after v140, i'll see if we can get dual head supported in the sourcecode permanently.

v140 should be released in the next few days.
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