Rpi4 issues

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Rpi4 issues

Post by Pauduan »

So I am trying to replace my Tinker + Armbian with RPi4 + DietPi for a fileserver + transmission + very long Chromium downloads over RDP. The system is totally headless, there's no screen or keyboard and I was using a mix of console and desktop (remotely) to accomplish everything. The RPi4's generous I/O performance kept me hopeful for a good bump in speed. However I seem to have hit a few speed bumps.

1. No desktop over RDP connections. I have installed LXDE and all the 4 remote desktop software options (which means I don't really know what I'm doing), but my Windows machines cannot see anything on the desktop. I set startup to desktop with user 'Dietpi', but am unsure if this is all that is required. I get a green screen when logging in with Xorg, and a black screen with VNC. I am trying to connect using Windows' own RDP application. Console login works fully though.

2. Slow I/O performance. The NTFS drive I am using benchmarks at 120MB/s read in the drive manager benchmark, but transfers over Samba are very slow - only about 40MB/s or just about the limit of a USB2 connection. This is about 20% quicker than the Tinker, but it's not a compelling boost. I tried internal storage - which is a Sandisk Ultra SDHC rated to 80MB/s read but it was even worse, fluctuating between 0.3 and 10MB/s.

I would be glad to get any help possible to fix these issues.
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Re: Rpi4 issues

Post by firedog »

Similar problem here.
What combination of VNC and desktop GUI program do I need to be able to logon via Windows RDPC?
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Re: Rpi4 issues

Post by Joulinar »

It doesn't make sense to post your issue in 2 different topics, pls stick to you original post.
Pls let us know if a solution is working. This could help others if they hit by similar situation. Your DietPi Team
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