Support for BanannaPi-M2-ZERO

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Support for BanannaPi-M2-ZERO

Post by seanmikhaels »

Would love to see BanannaPI M2-ZERO support. Dosen’t look like the RPI foundation is going to release a new Raspberry PI Zero anytime soon, and most of the newer software requires ARMV7 support which the PI-ZERO dosent have. The BannnaPi M2-Zero is an Excellent replacement hardware wise but lacks the software support of the RPI-Zero.

The BanannaPI is the same form factor with 4 x the cores and more processing power. Would be great to see diet-pi on this board!
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Re: Support for BanannaPi-M2-ZERO

Post by MichaIng »

Did you try out ?

Use this with attached HDMI monitor and keyboard, since WiFi connection might drop while setup, so SSH connection can break.
I guess the ARMbian image will serve as best basis.

You can paste/print errors messages or failures of the script here, so we can get those fixed. Due to the large variety of hardware and system setups it's hard to guarantee the script running without issue.
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