File Format for R-Pi 4 media centre Topic is solved

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Re: File Format for R-Pi 4 media centre

Post by Joulinar »

it depends how you setup your disks. The disks in a JBOD array can function as their own individual volumes or can be connected or spanned, to form a single logical volume.
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Re: File Format for R-Pi 4 media centre

Post by DarrenHill »

If they're spanned (RAID0) or mirrored (RAID1, at least for 2 drives) then they're not JBOD.

JBOD means they are individual disks and not connected in any way. They operate entirely independently of one another, and one failing does not affect any other drive, but the data is lost as it is equally not replicated anywhere (at least automatically).

It's arguable that if you have a JBOD array that you then combine into a spanned volume using a volume manager or suchlike that you're creating a RAID0 array anyway, and they're no longer JBOD.
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