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Add webcam to Octoprint

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I have spent hours trying to work out how to get webcam running on Octoprint. I have worked out that you need to build and install mjpg-streamer from git and I have got this going (just) but I cannot work out how to start automatically and included in Octoprint.

Maybe adding a separate mjpg-streamer software install would be a good alternatively. Unfortunately this is beyond my skill level. The following is what I have managed so far from

Login as dietpi user on fresh install of DietPi with Octoprint and FFMpeg (under Software Additional):

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sudo apt-get install cmake
git clone
cd mjpg-streamer/mjpg-streamer-experimental
sudo make install
I can then run mjpg_streamer:

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./mjpg_streamer -i "" -o " -p 5001"
And access stream or snapshot from:

I then go through the configuration steps for Octopi

Under "Webcam & Timelapse Recordings": The above at least documents the install steps, which I cannot find anywhere else on the internet.
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