Alsa Mixer MAX98357


I am wodering if anybody got the Alsa Mixer (Equalizer) working with a Raspberry Pi and MAX98357 amplifier.
I tried to follow instructions I found for the HiFiBerry MiniAmp, but without success.
I can play and hear the testsound like with speaker-test -c 2 -d plugequal, but changing something in the mixer ( alsamixer -D equal) does not change what I hear.

What needs to be done to achieve an effect? Is there any instructions?

Can you show:

cat /etc/asound.conf

And does it have an effect when you play just with the default ALSA device?


I am not sure how much one can get from that test noise, though, probably better to test with some actual test wave file (and aplay /path/to/test.wav) or player playback. plugequal sounds like a meta PCM that exists, but it is probably not configured the same way as how we do with the default device in /etc/asound.conf.