Can't install any plugin on Wordpress Topic is solved

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Re: Can't install any plugin on Wordpress

Post by MichaIng »

What do you mean by "imported WP blob"? If you didn't install it via dietpi-software, recheck the location you placed it. E.g. on DietPi, webroot is /var/www instead of /var/www/html (Debian webservers default).
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Re: Can't install any plugin on Wordpress

Post by tallbastard »

Hi, by WPBlob means happily set up wordpress in dietpi and logged in then using a plug-in (WPvisit backup) imported a previously exported WP site.. and all seemed to go well but can only view the hope page with further pages returning error 404. Similar errors in results often attributed to permalinks issues.. but I can import the same backup into other WP installations elsewhere no problems.. installation directories all seem to match up ok.. but I will certainly double check, thanks
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