Dietpi's Pihole vs Official Pihole distribution

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Dietpi's Pihole vs Official Pihole distribution

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What's the difference in the version that can be installed with Dietpi vs the version on the official Pihole channel?
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Re: Dietpi's Pihole vs Official Pihole distribution

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Pi-hole itself is the same, the setup is slightly different:
We disable some obsolete file logging by default which is already in discussion for official installer as well.
While official installer pulls Lighttpd always, we allow to run it on any offered webserver option.
We allow to have the blocking page enabled during install process.
We block access to blocking page by default for access from outside the local network (where it is obsolete and an information leak at best) and allow to block admin page access for external access as well.
Our network setup is based on ifupdown (/etc/network/interfaces) while the Pi-hole installer installs dhcpcd to set static IP network. Since we use the official installer as well, it is installed as well on DietPi but is not required, the service fails/stops due to incompatible /etc/network/interfaces.
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