Odroid XU4 Fan issue

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Odroid XU4 Fan issue

Post by mims »


I've installed the new DietPi image for my Odroid XU4 (v6.8).

The issue is that the fan goes on too quickly: it goes "on" for about half a second and then stops. It doesn't even go fully on in fact.

I didn't have that with the previous image.

Can someone help me please? It's quiet annoying :)

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Re: Odroid XU4 Fan issue

Post by MichaIng »

Quick www research leads to: https://magazine.odroid.com/article/fan ... -settings/

So by default the fan should be quiet if all four CPUs are at less then 60 degrees. The default values look nice to me, however you can tweak it according to the guide to start at lower temperatures.

At boot, I guess the fan runs at some relatively high default speed until the settings are applied.

You can use dietpi-config > Tools to stress the CPU a bid and see if the fan starts automatically after some time. Use cpu to check temperatures as well outside of stress test.

Hmm why did we not yep implement this easy fan control into DietPi, or did we and I couldn't just find it? :lol:
I will open issue for v6.10 8): https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1818
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