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Re: ODroid XU4- v106 image - problems

Post by rhkean@gmail.com »

Sorry that I missed your post yesterday.

I will test this when I get home in about 3 hours on the RPi2.
The Odroid may take me a little longer. It's in use, so I'll have to slip in the reboot while everyone's eating dinner.... :D


I've got to ask, though.... How is the --insecure option going to fix things?

Re: ODroid XU4- v106 image - problems

Post by rhkean@gmail.com »

tested on the RPi2 and the Odroid XU4...

both worked perfectly!!!

I should have thought to test the

Code: Select all

DEBIAN_FRONTEND='noninteractive' apt-get upgrade -y

fix before I gave the server back to the house, but I forgot.

I'll try later tonight


Re: ODroid XU4- v106 image - problems

Post by rhkean@gmail.com »



I tried to test the noninteractive fix by editing the dietpi-software script, but since I also applied the curl -k fix, the automation downloaded the new v108 update and overwrote my manual patch.... face palm!

switched to the testing branch, though, and it worked like a charm.

I think I saw it throw an error during the "running apt simulation" but I'm not sure what it was as it scrolled by too fast.

The rest (with my v106 dietpi.txt file) seems to be running well. I can't wait to test out this new version. I'm glad to see lighttpd on here, since apache and nginx are quite a lot for these little boards.

reran the automated install... no errors.
I did add the following to the end of my automation script, to upgrade the kernel
apt-get install linux-headers-armhf-odroid-xu3 linux-image-armhf-odroid-xu3

(since this fix causes the apt-get upgrade command to skip these packages and upgrading the kernel from 3.10.92+ to 3.10.96+ clears up a couple kernel module load errors on boot)

by that point, my bluetooth keyboard should be loaded if I need it, but I don't think I will.... will follow up again once this install finishes.
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Re: ODroid XU4- v106 image - problems

Post by Fourdee »

Hi Rhkean,

Thanks for the update. I've seen your replies on the Git tickets, lets continue discussions there: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/197
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