Ad-Blocking with DietPi: Pi-hole vs. AdGuard Home


What to choose?

Since DietPi v7.3 we have added AdGuard Home to the options of ad blockers (DNS-Servers).
That means you can choose between the options:

  • Pi-hole
  • AdGuard Home
Pi-hole dashboard
AdGuard Home dashboard
AdGuard Home

The question now is: Which solution should I choose as my ad blocker?

There are many comparisons available in the internet.
The majority of them come to the result that one nose ahead is: AdGuard Home.

Remark: Like in our blog post “Pi-Hole & Unbound: How to have ad-free & safer internet in just few minutes” described for Pi-hole, the software package Unbound is also valid in combination with AdGuard Home.

For those who want to read more in detail, here are some nice links to these comparisons:

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