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Ad-Blocking with DietPi: Pi-hole vs. AdGuard Home

What to choose?

Since DietPi v7.3 we have added AdGuard Home to the options of ad blockers (DNS-Servers).
That means you can choose between the options:

  • Pi-hole
  • AdGuard Home
Pi-hole dashboard
AdGuard Home dashboard
AdGuard Home

The question now is: Which solution should I choose as my ad blocker?

There are many comparisons available in the internet.
The majority of them come to the result that one nose ahead is: AdGuard Home.

Remark: Like in our blog post “Pi-Hole & Unbound: How to have ad-free & safer internet in just few minutes” described for Pi-hole, the software package Unbound is also valid in combination with AdGuard Home.

For those who want to read more in detail, here are some nice links to these comparisons:

Ad-Blocking with DietPi: Pi-hole vs. AdGuard Home

4 thoughts on “Ad-Blocking with DietPi: Pi-hole vs. AdGuard Home

    1. Actually we from the DietPi team mostly disagree with this opinion. AdGuard Home is much less configurable, in cases difficult to achieve what you need with complex LAN situations, no way to tune it for own likes. For inexperienced users, who simply want to have a DNS sinkhole up and running in a simple LAN situation, without any need or wish to adjust, e.g. also dealing with faulty clients etc, AGH is fine, but if any more is wanted, Pi-hole gives you much more possibilities, also making use of other well known open source components which are individually configurable. A bit like Linux vs macOS, if you like (while AGH is still open source, of course) :D.

      1. Also, again an article which states that only AGH is running rootless. But Pi-hole runs as user “pihole”, hence rootless as well. Not sure why this is falsely stated so often :\. Finally it really depends on what you need, whether encrypted DNS or better a recursive validating DNS resolver is wanted, whether SELinux is used and in case whether one anyway wants to configure it manually then to keep control, and all such.

  1. “quoting”
    “A bit like Linux vs macOS, if you like (while AGH is still open source, of course) :D.”

    That said it all thanks a lot!

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