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Ad-Blocking with DietPi: Pi-hole vs. AdGuard Home


What to choose? Since DietPi v7.3 we have added AdGuard Home to the options of ad blockers (DNS-Servers). That means you can choose between the options: Pi-holeAdGuard Home Pi-hole AdGuard Home The question now is: Which solution should I choose as my ad blocker? There are many comparisons available in the internet. The majority of them come to the result that one nose ahead is: AdGuard Home...

DietPi v7.3 is here! ❤️


Our amazing major new features: Have DHCP leased IP applied as static IP on first bootBlock ads network-wide via AdGuard HomeStream music multiroom via Snapcast (server and client)Manage your music media library with BeetsRun Kubernetes clusters via Rancher Labs K3sUse a reverse proxy with frp Checkout all changes and enjoy DietPi v7.3: . In addition, it would be nice, if you would like to...

Self-Hosting and reducing information to google – Why should you use DietPi?


About an article from “The Runner Newspaper”: Learn how DietPi easily solves your privacy issues The article Why you should try self-hosting and de-Google your life describes the concept of setting up a couple of software packages on a personal server at home to become more independent of Google & Co. The main proposed server attributes and referenced software packages are: Use a...

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DietPi image creator and documentation contributor.

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