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Have your own Online meeting server (Nextcloud Talk)


Nowadays in times of Covid, the number of online meetings is rising compared to presence meetings. This is the fact not only in the professional work, also in private collaboration areas like team oriented work, union/club meetings, etc. online meetings are done more and more.Well known meeting tools are Skype, MS Teams, Jitsi (free and open source). In the case of hosting a Nextcloud or Owncloud...

Installing DietPi on an Apple Mac mini


An Apple Mac mini is a robust and stable PC based hardware with a low power consumption which can be used to install DietPi. Compared to Raspberry Pi SBCs, the PC based hardware gives enough options for larger memory, higher computational power and built in storage options.This blog described how DietPi is installed on this hardware and how the WiFi can be activated. Mac mini 2012 front view Mac...

Moving a running DietPi system to a USB stick/disk or an onboard eMMC


The Raspberry Pi family typically boots from an SD card plugged to the system. To avoid SD card lifetime issues, these systems can run from an connected USB resp. USB disk stick or – on some Pi derivatives – from an onboard eMMC flash memory. Lifetime issues may occur from the fact that the number of write cycles to SD cards are much lower than to USB sticks/disks or eMMC...

Comparison to other Debian based distributions – Why should you use DietPi?


DietPi startet its history more than 6 years ago and has a successful broadband usage in more than 100,000 active systems. There are a couple of other Debian based distributions where the DietPi team did comparisons to. This article describes these statistics. 1. Comparison overview The comparison data is published on the DietPi statistics page: Navigation on the DietPi statistics page 1.1...

Ad-Blocking with DietPi: Pi-hole vs. AdGuard Home


What to choose? Since DietPi v7.3 we have added AdGuard Home to the options of ad blockers (DNS-Servers). That means you can choose between the options: Pi-holeAdGuard Home Pi-hole AdGuard Home The question now is: Which solution should I choose as my ad blocker? There are many comparisons available in the internet. The majority of them come to the result that one nose ahead is: AdGuard Home...

Self-Hosting and reducing information to google – Why should you use DietPi?


About an article from “The Runner Newspaper”: Learn how DietPi easily solves your privacy issues The article Why you should try self-hosting and de-Google your life describes the concept of setting up a couple of software packages on a personal server at home to become more independent of Google & Co. The main proposed server attributes and referenced software packages are: Use a...

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