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Source code contributor, creator of the DietPi-Dashboard and many software implementations.

DietPi Dashboard v0.6.0 Released


The v0.6.0 release of DietPi Dashboard brings many new features, changes, and bug fixes. For information on the dashboard itself, see the documentation. Here are some of the important changes: New Features Customizable Token Expiry The expiry time for the login token generated can now be changed in the config file (/opt/dietpi-dashboard/config.toml). # Token expiry time in seconds # - Default:...

Features of the new DietPi-Dashboard


With DietPi 7.8, DietPi-Dashboard was initially added. This lightweight web dashboard allows you to take advantage of some features offered by your DietPi system, all from your browser. Main features The main features of the DietPi Dashboard are Display the load (CPU, RAM, disk, network) and show a time series line chartDisplay and control the services and running processesInstallation and...

Using Beets with Other Software Titles – Why Should you use DietPi?


Recently, the music organizer Beets was added to DietPi. Using plugins or just the generic music folder, Beets works great with many other optimized software titles. Usage Beets is very simple to use, just run beet import /path/to/music to import music into your library. It will probably ask you some questions about the metadata of the music to make sure it tags it correctly. Adding Plugins...

Decentralized File Hosting on IPFS – Why Should you use DietPi?


Do you have some spare space on a hard drive, and want to help contribute to a decentralized internet? IPFS, the Inter-Planetary File System, can do that! This guide will assume that you already have a working DietPi installation. Topics covered What is IPFS?Installing IPFSInstalling IPFS CompanionAdding a FileAdding an External File What is IPFS? IPFS is a distributed file sharing system, that...

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Source code contributor, creator of the DietPi-Dashboard and many software implementations.

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