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DietPi-Software | Details for ALL installation options

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:00 pm
by Fourdee

Before Continuing: Download the DietPi Image,write to SD card and login.

DietPi-Software allows you to install optional "ready to run" and optimized software for your device.
As well as automating the linux installation and configuration process for you, DietPi-Software also applies specific optimizations unique to your hardware model, ensuring you get the maximum performance from your device.

How do I run DietPi-Software?
DietPi-Software can be launched via the command line: dietpi-launcher or dietpi-software


NB: Available software is dependent on the device and CPU architecture, some software titles may be unavailable. You can run the following command to list disabled items:
dietpi-software list | grep disabled

- LXDE - Highly optimized lightweight desktop without the "bloatware".
- MATE - Popular Gnome 2 desktop.
- XFCE - Lightweight desktop.
- GnuStep - Alternative/unique desktop.
- Chromium - Optional: Web browser
Remote Desktop Access:
- Tightvnc Server - Desktop for remote connection.
- VNC4 Server - Desktop for remote connection.
- NoMachine - Feature rich remote desktop connection.
- XRDP - Remote desktop server for Windows Remote Desktop Client.
- RealVNC Server - Desktop for remote connection.
Media Systems:
- Kodi - Media Centre / Player
- YMPD - Lightweight web Interface audio player for MPD
- O!MPD - Feature-rich web Interface audio player for MPD
- CAVA - Optional: Console-based audio visualizer for MPD
- Mopidy - Web Interface Music /Radio Player
- SubSonic - Feature rich media streaming server with web interface.
- SqueezeBox - Also known as Logitech Media Server.
- SqueezeLite - Audio player for SqueezeBox.
- Shairport Sync - AirPlay audio player with multiroom sync
- BruteFIR - EQ and Digital Room Correction via ALSA.
- MiniDLNA - Media streaming server (DLNA, UPnP)
- Ampache - Web interface media streaming server.
- Emby - Web interface media streaming server.
- Plex Media Server - Web interface media streaming server.
- Murmur - Mumble VoIP Server
- Roon Bridge - Turns your device into a Roon capable audio player
- NAA Daemon - Signalyst Network Audio Adaptor (NAA).
- IceCast - Shoutcast Streaming Server, including DarkIce.
BitTorrent / Download Tools:
- Transmission - Lightweight BitTorrent server with web interface
- Deluge - Alternative BitTorrent server with web interface
- qBitTorrent - Lightweight and fast (c++) BitTorrent server with web interface
- rTorrent - BitTorrent server with ruTorrent web interface
- Aria2 - Download manager with web interface
- SABnzbd - NZB download manager with web interface.
Emulation & Gaming:
- OpenTyrian - Gaming
- Cuberite - Fast Minecraft server with web interface
- MineOS - Multiple Minecraft servers with web interface
- AmiBerry - Amiga emulation system, further developed optimized builds of uae4arm-rpi
- DXX-Rebirth - Descent 1 & 2 OpenGL port
Camera / Surveillance:
- DietPi-Cam - RPi Camera / Web Interface Surveillance
- MotionEye - Camera / Web Interface Surveillance
Cloud / Backups:
- OwnCloud - Your own personal cloud based backup/data storage system
- NextCloud - Your own personal cloud based backup/data storage system
- Pydio - Feature-rich backup and sync server with web interface.
- UrBackup Server - Full backups for systems on your network
- Gogs - GitHub style server, with web interface.
- Syncthing - Backup and sync server with web interface.
- Tonido - Lightweight backup and sync server with web interface, and, cloud access.
- CloudPrint - CUPS print server, with support for Google cloud printing
Social / Search:
- Forums - phpbb3
- Wordpress - Website Blog and Publishing platform.
- Image Gallery - Host and browse your images from a web interface.
- BaiKal - Lightweight CalDAV + CardDAV server.
- OpenBazaar - Decentralized peer to peer market server using BitCoin.
- YaCy - Decentralized open source search engine.
WiFi HotSpot
- WiFi HotSpot - Turn your device into a wireless hotspot/access point.
- Tor HotSpot - Optional: Routes all WiFi HotSpot traffic through the Tor network.
Home Automation:
- EmonPi - Lightweight Energy usage stats with EmonPi PCB.
- Grasshopper - Web App to control Bticino MyHome
Hardware Projects:
- RPi.GPIO - GPIO Interface library for RPi (python).
- WiringPi - GPIO Interface library (c).
- WebIOPi - Web interface to control RPi GPIO.
- I2c - Enables support for I2c based hardware.
- Node-Red - Visual tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services.
- Mosquitto - Message broker that implements MQTT protocol versions 3.1 and 3.1.1.
- Blynk Server - iOs and Android apps to control Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi and similar microcontroller boards over the Internet.
Remote Access:
- Weaved - Access your device over the internet.
- VirtualHere - Share physically attached USB devices from your SBC, over the network.
System Stats / Management:
- DietPi-Cloudshell - Lightweight system stats for your LCD display or monitor.
- Raspcontrol - Web interface system stats
- Linux Dash - Web interface system stats
- PhpSysInfo - Web interface system stats
- RPi Monitor - Web interface system stats
- NetData - Web interface system stats
- Webmin - Remote system management with web interface
- Open Media Vault - Web interface network attached storage (NAS) solution
System Security:
- Fail2Ban - Protects your system from brute-force attacks
Webserver Stacks:
- LAMP Webserver - Apache2 / MySql / PHP
- LASP Webserver - Apache2 / SQLite / PHP
- LAAP Webserver - Apache2 / MariaDB / PHP
- LEMP Webserver - Nginx / MySql / PHP
- LESP Webserver - Nginx / SQLite / PHP
- LEAP Webserver - Nginx / MariaDB / PHP
- LLMP Webserver - Lighttpd / MySql / PHP
- LLSP Webserver - Lighttpd / SQLite / PHP
- LLAP Webserver - Lighttpd / MariaDB/ PHP
- phpMyAdmin - Web interface SQL admin tool
- Certbot - Free, automated SSL cert creation and setup, allowing https.
- Tomcat8 - Apache Tomcat server
DNS Servers:
- Pi-hole - A DNS/Web server that will block ads for any device on your network.
File Servers:
- ProFTP - Simple, efficient, lightweight FTP file server.
- Samba - Feature rich file server.
- vsFTPD - Feature rich FTP file server.
- NFS - Network file system server
VPN Servers:
- OpenVPN - Easy to use, minimal hassle VPN server
- PiVPN - OpenVPN installer & management tool
Network Load Balancing:
- HaProxy - High performance TCP/HTTP load balancer.
Website URL's:
- NoIp - Website URL Address

File Server Choices:
- ProFTP - Simple, efficient, lightweight file server.
- Samba - Feature rich file server.
SSH Server Choices:
- Dropbear - Lightweight SSH Server
- OpenSSH - Feature rich SSH server with SFTP/SCP support.
Log System Choices:
- DietPi-Ramlog - Lightweight RAM logging.
- Full - Full logging system with Rsyslog and Logrotate.
Webserver Preference System:
- Apache2 - Feature-rich webserver
- Nginx - Lightweight webserver
- Lighttpd - Extremely lightweight webserver

Pre-Installed Applications:

dietpi-launcher (Select and Run any of the DietPi programs, all from one place.)

dietpi-config (Feature rich configuration tool for your device)
dietpi-software (Install optimized and ready to run software)
dietpi-uninstall (Allows you to uninstall DietPi software)
dietpi-update (Update your version of DietPi)
dietpi-backup -(Backup or restore your DietPi system)
dietpi-sync - (Allows you to sync/duplicate one directory to another).
dietpi-services - (Takes control of software services, enabling DietPi a method of quick service control).
dietpi-process_tool - (Tweak system wide nice/priority levels, for most software and processes).
dietpi-cleaner (Remove unwanted "junk" from your DietPi system and free up filesystem space)
dietpi-bugreport (Sends a bug report to DietPi)
dietpi-cron (Allows you to modify all start times for Cron Jobs)
dietpi-logclear (Keep ontop of your log files, features clearing and backup modes).
dietpi-morsecode (Converts a text file to morse code, then outputs to your screen)
dietpi-letsencrypt (Frontend for Lets Encrypt and DietPi integration)
htop (The only resource monitor you'll ever need)
DietPi-Ramlog #1 (Mounts /var/log to RAM. Saves your SD card writes, and, uses less than 0.1mb~ of RAM).
Dropbear (Lightweight SSH server)

Pre-Installed Scripts:
treesize (Shows current directory/file sizes, recursive)

Donations / Support DietPi:
DietPi is a free product and relies solely on your donations for funding. If you found DietPi useful and want to support future development, please click here to find out more.

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:30 pm
by Fourdee
LXDE - Desktop Details:
Highly Optimized lightweight desktop without the bloatware.


Desktop can be run by typing startx
You can also have DietPi boot directly to the desktop by using dietpi-autostart and selecting Desktop.

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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:31 pm
by Fourdee
Kodi Details:
The only media centre/player you'll ever need.

If you did not select Kodi to start from boot:
- Desktop = Kodi is available via the LXDE start menu, and, desktop.
- Console = Kodi can also be run by typing startkodi
You can modify the AutoStart options in dietpi-launcher > DietPi-AutoStart.

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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:37 pm
by Fourdee
OpenTyrian Game Details:
Play a classic addictive game from the console or desktop.

If you did not select OpenTyrian to start from boot:
- Console = OpenTyrian can also be run by typing opentyrian
- Desktop = Use the opentyrian icons available in the start menu and desktop.
You can modify the AutoStart options in dietpi-launcher > DietPi-AutoStart.

Personal Note:
Tyrian (OpenTyrian) if not the best game in the world, is the best topdown shooter/scroller game ever created.
OpenTyrian is best experienced by using a mouse and the Enter key to change rear file mode.
Its old, retro, and a classic etc, but i doubt you'll to find a recent and similar game thats anywhere close to OpenTyrian addictiveness.

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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:39 pm
by Fourdee
Transmission (BitTorrent) Details:
Transmission, the lightweight web interface BitTorrent server that allows you to download bittorrent files.
- USB dedicated hard drive highly recommended.

Access web interface:
url =
username = root
password = dietpi

Access BitTorrent Downloads:
Make sure you have one of DietPi's File Servers installed.
folder = downloads

Port closed Issues:
DietPi sets up Transmission to use port forwarding on the router.
In rare cases this won't work with some routers and you will need to manually setup port forwarding:
- Use TCP+UDP with the default DietPi transmission port of 51413.
- Point this port to the IP address of your DietPi system.

Once port forwarding is setup, simply complete the following to update transmission:
- Load up the transmission web interface
- Click the settings button (bottom left spanner)
- Click the network tab
- Where is says Use port forwarding on my router, untick this box.
Simply close and reopen this screen to refresh the port status.

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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:41 pm
by Fourdee
OwnCloud Details:
Your very own personal cloud based backup/data storage system (eg: Dropbox) with Owncloud.
- Also Installs: Webserver
- USB dedicated hard drive highly recommended.

Access web interface:
url =

1st run setup:
Once you have accessed the Owncloud web interface, please complete the following steps:
  • Create your Admin account, type in a username and password.
  • Click Storage & Database or Advanced to expand the submenu. Then enter the following details:
    • Database type = MySQL/MariaDB
    • Data Folder = /mnt/dietpi_userdata/owncloud_data
    • Database User = root
    • Database Password = dietpi
    • Database Name = owncloud
  • Click Finish setup to complete the Owncloud setup. Please be patient, Owncloud 9.x will now run a integrity check on its files.

NB: We did try to automate all of this for our users, however, Owncloud currently has limitations that prevent DietPi from applying these settings, prior to running 1st run setup.
  • Increase the maximum file size upload to 2GB (from 513MB).
    Code: Select all
    sed -i "/upload_max_filesize=/c\upload_max_filesize=2048M" /var/www/owncloud/.user.ini
    sed -i "/post_max_size=/c\post_max_size=2048M" /var/www/owncloud/.user.ini
  • Enable Memcache:
    Enabling memcaching for Owncloud will vastly improve performance. DietPi automatically installs (APC/u, Opcache) and optimizes the caches specific to your hardware, however, Owncloud must be "told" to use it.
    Code: Select all
    sed -i "/'version'/a 'memcache.local' => '\\\OC\\\Memcache\\\APCu'," /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php
  • Set memory limit for Owncloud:
    A memory limit will prevent Owncloud from using all your system RAM. The following command will set the memory limit to 1/4th of total RAM on your device:
    Code: Select all
    LANG=en_GB.UTF-8;sed -i "/memory_limit=/c\memory_limit=$(( $(free -m -o | grep -m1 'Mem:' | awk '{print $2}') / 4 ))M" /var/www/owncloud/.user.ini
  • Tweak Owncloud:
    For maximum performance, click the dropdown menu (top left corner), select "apps", and disable the modules you don't require. eg:
    • Activity
    • First Run Wizard
    • Mail Template Editor
    • Share Files
    • Updater
    • Versions
  • Restart services:
    Once completed, simply run dietpi-services restart to restart the webserver.

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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:43 pm
by Fourdee
DietPi-Cam (RPi Camera / Web Interface Surveillance) Details:
Got a RPi camera module?
Want to record paint drying using timelapse, or, start your own neighbourhood watch surveillance system? Want full control of your RPi camera in a web based interface. This is all you need!
DietPi-Cam a modified fork of the excellent "RPi_Cam_Web_Interface" project.

- Official RPi camera module (any)

Access web interface:
url =

Where is the recoded media stored?
- /mnt/dietpi_userdata/dietpicam

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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:45 pm
by Fourdee
MiniDLNA Media streaming server (DLNA, UPnP) Details:
Stream your shared media to any DLNA/UPnP capable device.

DLNA T.jpg
DLNA T.jpg (72.26 KiB) Viewed 172796 times
Access MiniDLNA status:
url =

Transfer Media files to MiniDLNA:
- Make sure you have one of DietPi's File Servers installed.
- Folders used by MiniDLNA = /Music /Pictures /Video

To refresh the MiniDLNA database:
Code: Select all
rm /root/.MiniDLNA_Cache/* && rm /mnt/usb_1/.MiniDLNA_Cache/* && service minidlna restart

List of available UPnP clients:

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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:46 pm
by Fourdee
A lightweight, bare-bones, no frills Hifi music player with a web based interface. YMPD is a front end for MPD.

Also installs:
  • MPD (music player daemon)
Access web interface:
url =

Transfer/Add Music:

Refresh Music Files / Database:
Simply select the Update DB button. from the settings menu in YMPD.

DietPi-JustBoom control panel: Tweak audio options on the fly
Simply run dietpi-justboom from the command line to launch

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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:48 pm
by Fourdee
Forum (phpbb3) Details:
If you always wanted your very own forum, PHPBB3 is all you need.
- Also Installs: Webserver

Access Forums:
url =

First Run Setup:
DietPi automatically creates the SQL database for phpBB3. Please follow the steps below to enter those details into phpBB3 to complete the setup.
- Access the phpBB3 website =
- Click the "Install" tab.
- Click "Proceed to next step"
- Click "Start install"

Enter the MySQL database details:
- Database server hostname or DSN = localhost
- Database name = phpbb3
- Database username = root
- Database password = dietpi

- Click "Proceed to next step"
- Click "Proceed to next step"

Create your admin account:
This account will be used for full access to phpBB3 forum.
- Click "Proceed to next step"
- Click "Proceed to next step"
- Click "Proceed to next step"

Email and Server URL settings
Use the default values.
- Click "Proceed to next step"
- Click "Proceed to next step"
The database tables will now be generated, please wait.

- Click "Login"
Using your admin login details that you created previously, you can now manage and create your forum pages.

As the installation is now completed, you will need to remove the installation folder, before the forum can be live. Run the following command:
Code: Select all
rm -R /var/www/phpBB3/install

Your forum is now ready.

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