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Getting started | Download DietPi image

Post by Fourdee » Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:03 pm

Give your Single-board computer some Lightweight justice. What you'll need:
  • 4GB or greater Micro SD card.
  • Internet Access (Ethernet or Wifi, required to complete the DietPi setup).
  • Dedicated USB Drive is highly recommended (Allows DietPi-Software installations to utilize USB over SD).

Step 1 (Download DietPi Image):
Download -

For experienced users who want to skip this guide and dig straight in.
Here are the login details:
  • username = root
  • password = dietpi

Step 2:
Write to SD card using Etcher:
  • Unzip/extract the DietPi.7z image (ideally your desktop)
  • Download and install Etcher
  • Run Etcher
  • Select the DietPi_v00.img image file
  • Select the drive of your SD card
  • Click Flash!
Write to SD card using Linux:
  • Find the device (eg: /dev/sdb1) you need to write to by using blkid or mount.
  • Double check that you have the correct dev path for your SD card (eg: /dev/sdb1).
  • Unmount the SD card and all its partitions by using umount /dev/sdb?.
  • Write the image using dd if=/path/to/DietPi_vXX.img of=/dev/sdb.

Optional (Wifi):
Pre-configure Wifi Details for DietPi
  • Goto my computer, select the SD card and open it.
  • Locate the file called dietpi.txt and open it with wordpad.
  • DietPi_v6.15 and lower images:
    • Enter your ssid AUTO_SETUP_NET_WIFI_SSID=MySSID and AUTO_SETUP_NET_WIFI_KEY=MyWifiKey (both are case sensitive).
  • DietPi_v6.16 and higher images:
    • Open dietpi-wifi.txt and open it with wordpad
    • Change aWIFI_SSID[0]="MySSID" and aWIFI_KEY[0]="MyWifiKey"
  • Save chanages to edited files
  • Plug the Wifi adapter into your device, before turning it on.

Step 3:
Turn on your device
  • Plug the SD card into your device and turn it on.
  • Wait for DietPi to complete the filesystem expansion (this will automatically reboot your device).
  • Once completed, the login screen will appear.

Step 4:
Login to DietPi On first login, DietPi will automatically update. Once completed, press enter to reboot the system. You can log back in again to resume setup.

Optional (DietPi-Config):
DietPi-Config is a feature rich configuration tool for your device:
  • Set Overclocking Profiles.
  • Setup advanced networking options (static IP / wifi).
  • Mount network filesystem shares (Samba / FTP).
Click here for a complete list of DietPi-Config options.

Optional (Obtain IP Address):
Obtaining your IP address
  • In all the DietPi guides, we use as the IP address. When reading through the online documentation, and you see a URL link or IP address, you will need to use the IP address on your DietPi system.
Click here for details on how to obtain your IP address.

Step 5: Select Software to Install:
Now you can install the software you require, or follow one of the setup guides for popular/combo programs:

DietPi-Software Details for ALL installation options:

Minimal image
If you want a minimal image, simply select Go >> Start install from the menu. This will complete the 1st run setup of DietPi. Additional software can always be installed at a later date.

Additional Help / Setup Guides:

(Setup Guide) Accessing files on your DietPi system:

(Setup Guide) Obtain your IP address:

(Step by Step Guide) DietPi - Kodi + BitTorrent Combo:

(Step by Step Guide) DietPi - Hifi + DLNA Server Combo:
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