BASH script to update qBitTorrent to the latest version on DietPi system

Greetings to all,

As a learning project in bash scripting, I’ve made a script which updates already installed qBitTorrent on DietPi system.

Script is able to detect system architecture, download and update qbittorrent-nox binary.
User has ability to manually override/change system arch prior updating begin.

This script replaces the apt package version of qBitTorrent-nox with a 3rd party executable, because Debian apt package versions are not always up to date.

It uses qbittorrent-nox-static binaries from userdocs/qbittorrent-nox-static GitHub repository.

As I have multiple torrent servers running, I find this script very useful to keep them up to date. It was tested on aarch64 and x86_64 architectures and works as intended.

Remembering time when something basic as this was a rocket science for me, I’ve posted it on GitHub so anyone could review and use, if needed.

LINK: GitHub - TeraflopsBH/qbt-update-sh: Bash script for linux to download and install qbittorrent-nox

I hope someone could find it as useful as it is to me.

Best Regards

thx for sharing. Did you tried following already?

dietpi-software reinstall 46

anyway at the end Qbit is an apt managed package that should be possible to update using apt update && apt upgrade

But as far as I can see, your script is not just updating Qbit. It’s moving to a different executable download from GitHub - userdocs/qbittorrent-nox-static: A build script for qBittorent nox static.

I did. But sometimes it happened that dietpi-software reinstall 46 wasn’t installing the latest version of qBitTorrent. That was the reason I switched to custom script to update it.
To be honest, I don’t know if dietpi-software reinstall now update to the lastest build available, as for a quite long time I use this alternative approach.

If anything, perhaps someone find it useful to expand their knowledge in linux commands and bash :slight_smile:

Script was based on an instruction @KamikazeePL provided to me to address a problem I had with an older version of qBitTorrent.

Basically, we install Qbit from Debian apt package repository. There not always the latest version is available. Debian -- Package Search Results -- qbittorrent-nox

That’s how Debian is working. :wink:

What you did, is to move away from the apt package version towards a 3rd party executable. Something you need to make clear for users who don’t have the knowlage.

I agree. I will update GitHub readme to reflect expand information given there.
Will update first post here too.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve reworked the script to improve the way it works and interact with user.
It is now able to detect DietPi system, qbittorrent installation presence (and install it using dietpi installer if not) then update to the latest version available by detecting and also allowing user to manually choose system architecture.

Now it has visual reminder that qbittorrent gets replaced with 3rd party binary, as @Joulinar suggested.

I’ve tested it on aarch64 and x86_64 architecture - it works and I find it quite useful for my use.

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dietpi wasn’t updating to latest 4.5.5 instead it was updating to 4.5.2 as repo package. i found some bug or its just me that at 4.5.2(debian repo one) stops working after 24h or so, and if internet drops for some reason tracker doesn’t work anymore. i tried many other things to update /manually update but failed. this script saved the day. kudos

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I am glad you have found it useful :saluting_face: