NanoPi Neo Air

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NanoPi Neo Air

Post by Kool »

I'm working on a project where I need a very small SBC. I'm looking at the NanoPi Neo Air due to it's 40x40mm form factor, camera, speaker, microphone, and wifi capabilities. My main concern with this board being able to run Mycroft (as compared to the recommended Pi 3B+) is memory.

I've read the requirements for Picroft and have even tested Mycroft on DietPi on a Pi Zero (same amount of RAM as an Air and likely the OS I'll be running on the Air). With ~480MB usable RAM on the Zero, Mycroft + the OS leave about 20-30MB of RAM free. I assume this is space used to move pages to and from swap. As the Picroft installation instructions suggest, it runs pretty rough. I'm not sure if this is solely due to the CPU being single core or if the swapping of memory is also a part of it.

Does anyone have experience running Picroft/Mycroft-core on something with a CPU like a Pi 3 but half the RAM?
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Re: NanoPi Neo Air

Post by Buchers »

It seems that Pi 3A+ and Nano Pi are not supported by Mycroft (I mean that if you make those work and have issues, the support won't answer your questions). The limited ram is one the reasons I wouldn't recommend the Pi 3A+ in this case (and generally anything with less than 1GB of RAM).
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Re: NanoPi Neo Air

Post by MichaIng »

Yes I think so. Of course when you have a large swap file on a USB-attached SSD (with external power supply!!) it can work, but generally Mycroft is quite a large loaded environment and you do not want to wait when talking to it like on a bad network video call around the world with 10 seconds delay for each answer.

But as always I'd simply give it a try on a fresh DietPi system with our Mycroft AI implementation which should be lighter than Picroft. Your experience might then help others and if you find anything not done optimal with the setup we can benefit and enhance our implementation. I didn't review it for a longer time and Mycroft got quite some updates meanwhile while not being one of the high install count titles where every issue is reported quickly :).
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