Open beta v6.17 | Please help to improve stability before next release

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Open beta v6.17 | Please help to improve stability before next release

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We just started public beta testing: We hope much of you can help to test v6.17 before we push it to release branch. Note that the new "beta" branch can be considered as stable as the prior "master" (release) branch. We internally run the same careful tests before pushing changes from active development into beta branch. So the purpose of the new system is not to outsource in-dev testing, but to further improve release stability and avoid hotfix releases, like sometimes needed in the past.
The vast possible combinations of SBC devices, distro versions, configurations and installed software titles has grown too large to internally test every single of them.

Of course we appreciate, if testers have a special eye on the features we add/change with this release. Check out the current changelog: ... NGELOG.txt

If you find any bugs, please open a separate issue on GitHub, mentioning "beta" in the header, e.g.
Beta v6.17 | Software title foo fails to install

Use this thread for general feedback or questions about our new beta program, or do this as well on GitHub:

Happy testing 🥂!

Known issues

DietPi functionality DietPi visual SBC/device related Software title related

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