(Step by Step Guide) DietPi - Hifi + DLNA Server Combo

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(Step by Step Guide) DietPi - Hifi + DLNA Server Combo

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DietPi - HiFi + DLNA Server Combo (Step by Step Guide)
Convert your Pi into a lightweight Hifi music player with a web based interface (Mpd + Ympd).
Stream media from your Pi to any DLNA capable device (eg: iPhone/Android/Xbox One/Ps4).

What you'll need:[/color]
- Raspberry Pi (Any Model)
- Some form of speaker system with standard 3.5mm jack input (to connect to your Pi)
- 1GB or greater Micro SD card
- USB Harddrive/memory stick is recommend, but not required (to store your media files).

Step 1 :
Complete the following guide to Download the DietPi Image,write to SD card and login.

Step 2 :
DietPi software Selection
- Select the DietPi Optimized Software option, press enter.
- The DietPi Software Selection Screen will now appear. Use the space bar to select HiFi (Web interface music / radio player) and MiniDLNA (Media streaming server (DLNA, UPnP).
- Press Enter to confirm the selected software

Step 3 :
Begin DietPi software installation
- Navigate the Menu to Go Start Install and press Enter.
- Select Start Install to confirm the installation.
DietPi will now install Hifi (MPD + YMPD) and DLNA Server (MiniDLNA) on your system with pre-made optimization configs for your Pi model. Once completed, the system will reboot.

Transfer media files to your DietPi system:
- Make sure you have one of DietPi's File Servers installed.
- Transfer your Media files to the correct directories /Music /Pictures /Video.

Play music with HiFi - Web Interface Music/Radio Player:
- Full details for HiFi

Stream media from your Pi to a DLNA capable device:
- Full details for MiniDLNA
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