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DietPi. Share experiences

We start this blog with the idea of sharing our experiences of building DietPi. By doing this we’ll talk about new software titles published, or new capabilities we bring to DietPi.

The blog will be driven by the community, as a place where you can bring comments, or write posts on things that you find interesting on DietPi.

Continually IMPROVE

As we strive with the DietPi platform, and the documentation, we plan this place to continuously improve. To start small, and be more and more relevant to the things that interest you. Please share your ideas via comments or messages.

Thank you !

DietPi Team

DietPi. Share experiences

3 thoughts on “DietPi. Share experiences

  1. Cool! One thing, though. When clicking on “view all posts”, it leads to a 404 not found page.

    1. Many thanks for hint. We recognised this before, which is why we removed the “author” link from the top posts, but I see it’s still present via “View all posts”. Since we couldn’t find any reason for this, also after disabling all plugin, I’ll look for support in the WordPress forum.

      To get an overview of all posts (from all authors), use the “Home” or DietPi logo link in the top navigation.

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