Use DietPi-Backup in your multi-device environment

This blog post deals with the DietPi tool DietPi-Backup, it describes the procedure of the backup/restore, especially if you have several DietPi systems which you want to backup on a central backup server. It shall be shown, The basic backup/restore functionality was described in the recommendable video “Raspberry Pi Backup Einrichtung – ganz easy mit […]

Discover exciting X11 desktops for your DietPi

In the last blog entry Install a DietPi desktop system in a few steps, the installation of a DietPi system with a graphical user interface is described. DietPi has built in installation options for a couple of desktop variants (Xfce, MATE, LXDE, LXQt, GNUstep).This blog post describes how to install further desktop variants and how […]

Install a DietPi desktop system in a few steps

The DietPi base installation basically focuses on headless resp. machines without a graphical user interface (GUI) dealing with server applications like Nextcloud, Pi-hole, media servers, etc.Generally, an installation of a graphical desktop via dietpi-config and dietpi-software is not difficult, but with the DietPi built-in automated installation process this can be simplified. This blog article shows […]

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