Software installation via name or id in cli

Not sure if this is already there but I dont like using gui too much. I know you can install via
dietpi-launcher and then browse and install but anyway we can do the same via cli?

eg. dietpi-software 17 or something like that. which will install git. I could also add that to my scripts making installation more automated

dietpi-software install 17. wow cant believe i found that after searching so much and then posting here. it was in github wiki. I believe it would be really awesome if that is present in the docs too. rn only gui is told about. many might not know or maybe I am too stupid to realize :laughing:

It’s already described on our online docs DietPi tools - Docs

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Ah looks my stupidity is the reason. Thanks for the heads up though.

yeah, location is not that obvious. :slight_smile:

I was maybe a bit confused since Getting started with DietPi - Docs took me here DietPi tools - Docs which talked about gui but was unable to find about the cli in that third menu. just wanted to share my experience since other might face that if they are a bit stupid like me :sweat_smile:

You know what the default answer on such question is? :rofl: