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Getting started


Once you have done the DietPi Installation you can choose to install one or more DietPi optimized software items or run one of the DietPi tools.

Initial start

This will be the first screen displayed.



Run dietpi-launcher to see all available DietPi tools. It provides a quick way to run any of the DietPi tools: From installing DietPi optimized software items to simple configure your device, from enabling services to start to backup your installation and so on.

DietPi-Launcher screenshot

DietPi-Software – Choose the software you need

The base installation of DietPi is minimal by design, allowing you to choose what software you want to install and use. If you are unsure what software to install, checkout the DietPi optimised software items page for more details.

The list of DietPi optimised software includes:

  • Desktop environments
  • Remote Desktops
  • Media Systems/Players
  • Torrents/Downloading (Transmission)
  • Cloud/Backup
  • Gaming
  • Social
  • Hotspots
  • System Stats
  • Hardware Projects
  • Webserver Stacks (LAMP/LEMP etc.)
  • File Servers
  • Home Automation
  • Printing
  • and much more….

To install and configure them use the dietpi-software tool - click for more details.

DietPi-Software screenshot

Supported SBC

See the list of Supported Single Board Computers (SBCs)