Small form factor PCs

Hello DietPi-ers

I’m thinking of switching from Raspberry Pi to a Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro PC as my main home server.
I currently run 2 RPi4s, both ethernet’d - one running Syncthing and Qbittorrent, and the other running Pihole, Jellyfin and PaperMC.

Do you think I could consolidate both these Pi’s functions to a Optiplex? The one I’m looking at would be a Intel i5-7500T 2.70GHz 8GB Ram version.

What with Pi4s being hard to get, and the Optiplex being the same price and a lot more powerful, I’m thinking this might be the right move. I could then use the RPi4s for more GPIO jobs like OpenHab or the like. Any thoughts? Cheers.

I am using such a PC also (in my case an Apple Mac mini).
Works very well.
See also:


Would work well…even better with docker loaded and server apps loaded
Would recommend a bit more RAM, but it will work well

My SFF [HP Elite 8300 i7-3770 CPU] currently runs PROXMOX, upgraded the CPU to an 4 core, 4 extra threads (total 8) with 32GB RAM, running 5 virtual servers, [2 Debian 11, 1 DietPi, 1 Win11 Lite, (one being TrueNAS w/ a PCI passthru to 4 1TB 2.5" drives in a 5.25" bay)…


Very helpful links.


How easy is it to migrate from a RPi4 to an x86 machine? Is it just a matter of installing Dietpi on the x86 and then restoring a recent backup from the RPi4?

Nope you can’t restore any backup taken with dietpi-backup. It would be a full new installation needed. Probably some configuration files could be copied. But all manual activities.


Great. Thanks - always good to “spring clean” :mechanic: