RPi Zero 2 W not connecting to wifi / not working

I recently bought a rpi zero 2w. I’m trying to do a headless dietpi install however the pi does noyty connect to my wifi. My router has the same SSID for the 5ghz and 2.4 ghz network. I am not sure if it is the issue with the wifi or the pi itself is not turning on. I have tried using multiple power sources (laptop USB, dedicated usb 5V/2.5A).
How do i check whether its a wifi issue or a power issue?

PS. I have an Rpi4 on which i installed diepi and it works perfectly fine

Did you follow the description there:

and used the right contents in dietpi-wifi.txt like described there:

You could do the same procedure with your Pi4 (alsi with WiFi) and monitor the result on its HDMI output to check if all you set up for your Pi Zero 2W is corrrect.

Thanks. i have followed the instructions (similar to the installation for rpi4) on both those links. I have had an rpi4 for a couple of years so i am familiar (not an expert) with the basics. this is my first time working on an rpi zero 2 w. i dont have a mini hdmi cable to connect to a display. is there a way i can check if the pi zero 2 w is booting up or powering up? is powering through a regular usb charger or laptop port sufficient?

In a first step, you can look in your router whether the Zero connects to your WiFi.

The router does not show that that pi is connected

without screen it is nearly impossible to know what happen.

Could you use the identical dietpi.txt resp. dietpi-wifi.txt with your Pi4 and check on the monitor what happens?

i did that today and nothing shows up on my monitor.
i was powering my pi using the USB port on my laptop

Not sure if the laptop USB port is providing enough power. Better to use an official PSU.

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ok, so the issue seemed to be with the SD card that i was using. i used the same settings on a different one and its working now.
btw, i did not know that this pi had a small light to show its on. I am powering it with a usb port on my laptop