Older OS version availability


I don’t know if older dietpi images are available elsewhere. If they are I didn’t have much luck finding them on dietpi.com or searching.

I’m looking for Buster images specifically for Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4. I have a rather large investment in raspberry pi cameras and a few of them had sd cards go bad. I tried the bullseye version only to find out that the required motioneye software is no longer available. The working systems I do have are dietpi buster installs which still have motioneye available.

It would also be great if buster images for Asus tinkerboard and x86-64 PC are available as well in case I need to replace the SD card/ssd in the future.

I’m aware that there is a motioneyeos image available for the raspberry pi but doesn’t run as efficient as dietpi.

If there is a place I can download these older images or if anyone still has any of these buster images still in the downloads folder, I would be very grateful if someone could share them with me.

I’m also not opposed to the idea of an alternative method to installing and running motioneye on dietpi bullseye. From what I’ve been reading it doesn’t appear that motioneye is able to run on bullseye.

Thank you in advance

I’m sorry but we don’t offer older images.

Yes motioneyeos is not able to run on Bullseye because it’s not compatible with python 3. The motioneyeos simply did not migrate it to this python version. As an alternative, you could have a look into a docker version of motioneyeos. There you might be able to get it running on Bullseye.

Reminds me that I wanted to create a Python 3 fork of it. There is a branch for it already and a bunch of PRs to fix further Python 3 related issues, but the maintainer basically does not maintain it: https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneye/pulls
We already tested it and basically it works with the python3 branch and at least one of the open PRs merged: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/pull/4671
Shouldn’t be too much work to merge all of them on an own fork to get forward.


Maybe could be useful this:


This script will install Python2.7 which is not a good idea at all. Because Python2 depreciated a while ago and it will not receive further updates / security fixes.

It’s a shame that older versions are not available. Now I know I need to save a copy of each downloaded dietpi image.

I stumbled across this site and try this on a spare rpi3 with an official rpi camera connected to the CSI port. https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneye/wiki/Install-on-Raspbian-Bullseye
The installation process went well with no errors. Unfortunately this install doesn’t allow for the RPI camera or USB camera to be added but it does prove that it is possible to run motioneye on bullseye.

As far as python2 insecurity issue goes I’m not that concerned about it. I only use the cameras to watch my chickens remotely.

Thank you all for your suggestions, I will try them and let you know how they go.

Not sure why it is a shame to don’t support depreciated software like Python2. Python2.7 is end of life since nearly 2 years and the motionEye developer was not able to port his software since that time? As well there is no singe of willingness to do so in near future. We don’t have the capabilities/ man power to support each and every depreciate software.

Searching the net I found this one motioneye.eo GitHub - jmichault/motioneye.eo: reta interfaco por motion..

Runs perfect on XU4 under Python 3 and the newest DietPi Bullseye release.


Enable GIT in the Dietpi-software section

then, from the motioneye.eo website

git clone https://github.com/jmichault/motioneye.eo.git

and after that

cd motioneye.eo

sudo ./debian_install

be patient, especially on numpy as it takes forever.
Login, add cameras and enjoy :sunglasses:


We will check the motioneye.eo project if it could be an alternative

I did a clean install of dietpi-bullseye on a rpi 3 with an rpi camera. I attempted to install the motioneye.eo as suggested by Schnitzelbrain with no success. Service keeps failing in dietpi-services.

On the positive side I did find a solution:
Raspberry Pi official website supplies unsupported (Legacy) downloads which include the unsupported buster version of Raspbian. I downloaded the lite version of Raspbian buster from here and followed these instructions found on DietPi website under “Other Device?” section in download. The conversion to Dietpi went well for the most part with a few error messages but didn’t seem to affect the install. After going through the DietPi initial setup, I was then able to install motioneye via dietpi-software command and it worked perfectly.

Here are the download links:
Raspbian Buster download link: https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspios_oldstable_lite_armhf/images/raspios_oldstable_lite_armhf-2021-12-02/2021-12-02-raspios-buster-armhf-lite.zip
Convert Raspbian to Dietpi os: https://dietpi.com/docs/hardware/#make-your-own-distribution

Nice work DietPi for having this option to Convert any Debian image, into a DietPi system!

Yes, sadly MotionEye does still not yet support Python 3. We’re thinking about an own fork or contributing to and using an existing fork to solve it: https://dietpi.com/forum/t/motioneye-on-raspi1-with-bullseye-missing/5599/36

Of course it is not feasible to actively maintain/support old software indefinitely, but it is a shame that legacy images are completely scrubbed/made entirely unobtainable. There are plenty of valid (and even non-Python-related) reasons that someone might want to use an older version of Debian, and the costs associated with simply keeping the images available on the server for those that want them seem pretty negligible.

For future visitors to this thread who come here from Google like I did: old images are obtainable through the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine. For example, here is the October 2021 archival version of DietPi_RPi-ARMv6-Buster.7z . You can also browse the image download page’s timeline to find any other legacy version. Obviously these are no longer supported/updated, but they are available if needed.