Re: Previous Builds

It unfortunately seems I too need the Debian 10, Buster 32bit image for the Raspberry Pi (2,3,4), which seems to be v7.4
I’ve read over that DietPi doesn’t offer older builds. While I find that choice odd, I respect that it’s out of date, and unsupported.

However I’ve got really no choice here, I defiantly won’t be running it for long nor asking for any help with problems faced, but at the very least, I hope someone could point me in the direction on how make my own image.

Buster as well is getting DietPi updates. There is no limitation on this. We just stopped offering direct downloads.

You could simply download Raspbian Buster image

and run our PREP script afterwards

Ahh I see, thanks a lot!
Wish I’d found that out sooner :slight_smile: