Need to move Nextcloud on Rasp Pi to new place-how to set it up?

Another one question I have got. I have established a working prototype of cloud storage, based on Raspberry Pi with Nextcloud, but need to present my project in my school(means different ip, network and router). For the purpose of the project, I have connected wireless my Raspberry Pi to my home router. Because I haven’t static ip address, I am using dynamic one with DDNS (DuckDNS) service. So, during my installation I am port forwarding my device, so that’s why I will need the router credentials! Obviously, because of University policy, this will be ethical gap, and they offered a place in Networking room when I can connect my device to any router via cable. Can you please advise me what I need to exchange? ( I remember that I have enabled wifi = 1 in dietpi file, and wifi key =MY HOME PASSWORD in dietpi-wifi file, but need to set it up with cable via LAN.

Any help will be much appreciated!

go into dietpi-config, enable Ethernet and disable WiFi

Keep in mind, on your school network you don’t have any port forwarding (I guess). Not sure if your NC instance will be reachable on that network. Depends on local network infrastructure.

Yes-exactly what is my concern is! Will try tomorrow, but I am not sure as well. Btw-I guess I can connect my Pi directly to any monitor, right?(I never tried, just headless connection to another computer). Thanks again for your response :slightly_smiling_face:

And-stupid question, but I am stressed now-how can reach “dietpi-config”(except directly from “dietpi-software”)? Sorry :innocent:

usually yes.

simply type dietpi-config into CLI

Hello again, great forum!
As always, I am getting the best answers from you, guys, especially from @Joulinar . Thanks! But the saga continues :grinning:…Today I visited the school, just to check out how I will be presenting my cloud, but unsuccessful.My server(Pi) shows online, DuckDNS same, but system doesn’t work, because I can’t get in the school router(obviously) and to port forwarded what I need(80;443). Met the teacher and she said that I have to find a way to show them how actually my system works(even I have spoken to our IT department and they said-forget :grinning:).The only way in my head is through mobile network(because this way I can avoid school network). Is anyone can help with advice how can I show them uploading/sharing a file that could be seen? I know you are busy as well and spending your free time, but will be really nice to share any even stupid idea to give a try:)
BTW-if I am not wrong, when I started this project I had to input WIFI credentials in advance in “dietpi-wifi”, but couldn’t find it now!

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I guess even a mobile phone hotspot will not work because you can’t forward ports. What might be working if you install a tool like Tailscale. It is a VPN that don’t require port forwarding, but you need to install same on your client device to be able to connect. Not sure what client you will use. But a desktop from school might be a no-go to instal additional software :wink:

WiFi configuration is done via dietpi-config again. The file you were looking for is dietpi-wifi.txt. But this one is available on first initial boot only and can’t be used during regular operation.

Theoretically, if you are able to attach a screen, you could do all operation locally, even without network. Just install a desktop + browser and connect from local system directly :smiley:

Thanks again :pray:! Can you just give some more clue (for me and any persons interested in this/similar problem).

When I didn’t found the file above I guessed that this time wasn’t my fault :rofl:.So, just in case, if I need to connect to wifi network I don’t need to entering manually new ip, right?(I saw in dietpi-config/software options just to enable/disable Eth/Wifi adapters , and found it a bit strange). If I need to connect to other wifi-where is the option to choose a specific network?

It’s sounds like a solution :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:, can you explaine,please! Today I have attached a screen to Rasp Pi(with keyboard and mouse) and already had an internet connection. What you suggest to be made to show them something :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:(now I can’t get your point, because I am under pressure) :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks again. I am really honest-apart of 2 or 3 biggest forums, this one is amazing and can’t see any hater opinions :grinning:.

just select WiFi and you should be able to scan for new networks

open dietpi-software and install a desktop. LXDE should be fine. And a browser. Once done select desktop for autostart and reboot your system Discover exciting X11 desktops for your DietPi - DietPi blog

This should give a local graphical interface like a Windows desktop. Just running on your device.

Thanks again for your response!

Long time ago I have installed LXDE and browser, but couldn’t connect to my cloud (maybe because I have chosen different subnets-you know what mess is almost everywhere ). The client and the server must to be on the same network, but in my school like many places like it they are segmented specifically-probably this is the reason for the failed attempt. :thinking:

the aim is to start the desktop/browser on the very same system as your NC is running. This way you should be able to connect even without network connection. You just need a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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Thanks-got it! :pray: Will try again tomorrow!